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Website Launches: Hancock Co Housing & Marry J’s

In the past couple of weeks we’ve launched two new websites, with a couple more just around the corner. First off was the first website for the Hancock County (Illinois) Housing Authority. Hancock County Housing Authority They serve the residents of Hancock County, Illinois by providing subsidized housing for the disabled, elderly and in qualifying …

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Website Launch: Avenue of Lights

Quincy’s wonderful “Avenue of Lights” is two miles of ┬áholiday lighting displays winding through Moorman-Wavering Park. Getting the chance to develop a new website for them was a treat! For various reasons the decision to move forward with the website was made just over a week before the Thanksgiving Day 2010 opening… a deadline that …

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Two Googles

After the dot-com bubble burst in spring 2000 it was Google that saved the Web. By making searches available that were unbelievably fast and returned relevant links, Google made it possible for users to find what they were looking for, and for businesses (online & offline) to get their wares in front of consumers. With …

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FREE Social Media Consultation

Webcentric is offering businesses and organizations a one-hour consultation on social media policies or strategies, at absolutely no charge. Learn the basics of social media, or explore your options for creating a short or long-term social media marketing campaign. Social media usage has exploded and with it have the business opportunities — and the business …

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Portfolio & Testimonials

Well, the cobbler’s kid is finally getting some shoes! In other words, I’m devoting time to my website for a change… and about time it is. A portfolio’s been added that will show the latest websites I’ve developed. Each will also have an associated blog post that talks a bit about the goals, needs and …

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Site Launch: O’Brien Insurance Agency

Adams County, Illinois’ oldest insurance company has the county’s newest website — When it became clear to Mike O’Brien that his agency needed a website he approached Webcentric with a firm idea of what he wanted out of it. In addition to providing a way for new and existing clients to get the phone …

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Update Your Site, Yourself

What’s one of the best things you can do to keep your website effective and affordable — in an efficient way? Update it yourself! Why pay me (or others) to make content changes to your website? Or even to add new pages? Shouldn’t you be able to do that yourself, here in 2010? Of course …

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Net Neutrality

There’s a lot of confusion about Net Neutrality, just what it is and what it means for local businesses using the Internet. The short answer: Net Neutrality would guarantee that all Internet traffic (Web, email, P2P, MMPOG, SMS, etc.) would be treated the same. The alternative would be a tiered system where some players could …

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We’ll Write Your Copy

My wife Launa and I were discussing things last week and she pointed out that when the company she works for was looking at having a website developed, one of the biggest hurdles they saw was copy. Specifically, they were daunted by the thought of having to write promotional copy for the site… in Launa’s …

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More Thoughts on Transparency

I just caught this brief article on Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s speech to Techonomy, a technology conference. The gist of his talk was “people aren’t ready for the technology revolution that’s going to happen to them.” There’s a lot of truth to this — his point that we create as much data in TWO DAYS …

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