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Rotary Club of Quincy — President

Alan Steigelman and Dean La Velle, Rotary Club of QuincyLast week I had the distinct pleasure and honor of being inducted as the 2011-2012 president of the Rotary Club of Quincy (Illinois). Our club is just shy of its 100th anniversary, and looking over the list of past presidents humbles me.

It’s my personal goal to make the most of this opportunity to serve my fellow Rotarians, our community and, if I’m truly lucky, the wider world.

I was hesitant about joining Rotary initially — after all, as one who thinks H. L. Mencken was an authentic American genius, I had an ingrained bias against the group.

It took a single meeting for me to realize that Rotary is an honorable institution, and one deserving of much praise. Besides being “this close” to wiping out polio worldwide, ¬†at the local level our club last year provided the equivalent of 25,000 quarter-pounders in venison to those who would otherwise have gone hungry; gave over 750 turkeys to needy families at Christmas-time; and did a whole host of other projects for our community.

My thanks to past president (and soon-to-retire VP of Finance & Business Services at John Wood Community College) Alan Steigelman, who was a thoughtful mentor over the past year, and to the Board of Directors for their assistance.

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