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Website Launches: Hancock Co Housing & Marry J’s

In the past couple of weeks we’ve launched two new websites, with a couple more just around the corner. First off was the first website for the Hancock County (Illinois) Housing Authority.

Hancock County Housing Authority

They serve the residents of Hancock County, Illinois by providing subsidized housing for the disabled, elderly and in qualifying cases families and singles. Their main goal was to let county residents know of the availability of clean, affordable housing locally, and to keep those properties rented.

Each community in the county with housing has its own page, easily accessible from the main navigation, and from sidebar navigation within the community pages. Several photos of the interiors and exteriors of the properties are included to illustrate that the homes and apartments are clean and well-maintained.

An embedded and fully interactive Google Map for each community shows the locations of HCHA properties.

The Housing Authority’s phone number is prominently displayed across the top of every page, in order to make it quick and easy for potential tenants to contact the HCHA.

You can see the site here:

Marry J’s Quilting Scissors

When Marry J found herself making tedious precise, small cuts while pursuing her quilting hobby, she realized that scissors with a 1/4″ notch in them would make her life so much easier and her quilting so much more enjoyable. So she jokingly asked her husband to make them for her… to her surprise, he did!

The result are Marry J’s 1/4″ Quilting Scissors. Perfectly notched so they make an exact 1/4″ cut each time, these high-quality scissors make sewing and quilting more fun, and more precise.

Selling online was a natural choose for this website, and to make this as simple as possible for both customers and the owners, PayPal was chosen as the payment method. On every page is a large “Buy Now” button that provides a one-click link to the payment page.

Also on every page is an embedded video showing Marry J demonstrating the scissors with real situations as she sews a quilt. The finished quilts are also shown.

Take a look at Marry J’s website, and remember, these are great gifts for the quilter in your family!

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