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FREE Social Media Consultation

Webcentric is offering businesses and organizations a one-hour consultation on social media policies or strategies, at absolutely no charge.

Learn the basics of social media, or explore your options for creating a short or long-term social media marketing campaign. Social media usage has exploded and with it have the business opportunities — and the business obstacles.

Why does your company need a social media policy?

Even if your company doesn’t utilize social media, your employees do. And what they do on social media can reflect greatly on your business — and your bottom line.

It’s not just what they say about you and your company to their network of Facebook friends (and those friend’s friend, etc., etc.) it’s when they share it. Sure, you may have Facebook blocked on your network but does any of staff have smartphones? Some do — so you’d better have a policy about acceptable use of Facebook during the workday.

How is your business going to profit from social media?

Do you have a plan to profit from social media? Your competition surely does. Webcentric can help you set up a social media plan that’s small — or large — enough to meet your budget and time constraints.

Engaging with social media can be an assist to your marketing plans, or it can become the largest part of your marketing… together we can craft a social media marketing plan that’ll help your business make the most of social media.

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