Website Design in Quincy, Illinois

Portfolio & Testimonials

Well, the cobbler’s kid is finally getting some shoes! In other words, I’m devoting time to my website for a change… and about time it is.

A portfolio’s been added that will show the latest websites I’ve developed. Each will also have an associated blog post that talks a bit about the goals, needs and technical challenges of each website.

My hope is that these mini-case studies will help others think about their websites in a fresh way… who their audience is, what their goals for their website are, what features would be beneficial and which are wastes of time, etc.

Where possible I’d prefer to let my customers speak for me, so I’ve added a testimonial page. Please take a minute to read those to get an idea of what working with Webcentric will be like.

Once you’ve looked over the designs and read the case studies and testimonials, give me a call at 217-214-2757 or email me and we can discover the best way to use your website to make your business more profitable!

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