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Net Neutrality

There’s a lot of confusion about Net Neutrality, just what it is and what it means for local businesses using the Internet. The short answer: Net Neutrality would guarantee that all Internet traffic (Web, email, P2P, MMPOG, SMS, etc.) would be treated the same.

The alternative would be a tiered system where some players could utilize the Internet via higher-speed or higher-quality networks. This would effectively mean that large corporations would be able to afford the costs necessary to have a tremendous advantage over competitors… thereby stifling competition.

Most small & medium sized businesses mind wonder — what “tremendous advantage” comes from a faster or higher-quality Internet connection? Well, if you’re a parts supplier or vendor to GM, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. (and there are a surprising number of these in the Quincy area) you have to use their vendor portals and EDI systems to communicate pre-sales orders, orders, RMAs, service requests, bills & invoices, etc. etc.

In other words, a company that can afford the special fast connection that generates fewer errors when getting proposals, orders and invoices to a client will have a serious advantage over a competitor that doesn’t.

Net Neutrality is a lot like “equality before the law.” It provides a level playing field, encourages competition and network-wide systems enhancement.

This infographic should help understand it better.

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