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Why I Love The Web

I was reading a news article this morning, and realized that I’d come across a reference to Novorossiysk, Russia for the second time in a week, and I wasn’t exactly sure where in the hell Novorossiysk is.

A quick Google search and within less than a minute I was looking at this:

A couple of zooms-in and I was on floating over a freighter being put into position by two tugs:

When I think back to the pre-Web days, I realize I’d have had to flip through atlases and other books at home, and probably wouldn’t have had a good picture of the place so would then have had to remember to look the next time I was at the library…

And I’m sure they wouldn’t have satellite photos showing things like we see above. And that’s just what I found in 60 seconds. Now the problem is that I want to scour every inch of Novorossiysk on Google Maps, just to see. After all, less than 20 years ago, only the CIA or NSA could have seen what we’re seeing now.

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