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It’s A World Wide Web

From the moment I first logged onto the Web in the late 90′s (yeah, I’m a slow adopter) I’ve been fascinated by the fact that I can see the world through foreign eyes and media, that it truly is a “world wide” web.

So I thought I’d point you towards a few interesting or fun sites from around the planet.
This image blog is a true wonder… as an old Cold Warrior the fact that we can look inside Russia, from Chernobyl to abandoned Soviet Air Force bases to ordinary (if that’s the word for it) life in some of the backwaters of the former Soviet Union, still surprises me. Take a look at this site and be amazed.

The Economist
Perhaps the world’s premier news magazine. Where The Economist leads, the rest of the serious news media follow, just not with the same intelligence or depth. Their blog “Democracy in America” takes a look at the US from a continental perspective… refreshing.

Korean News
From the NORTH Koreans… seriously, before the Web most of us would never have a chance to read what our (potential) enemies are saying, or not saying. Very low-tech, low-skill site, with plenty of wounded DPRK pride on display.

The Norway Post
I used to check out the Aftenposten, but it’s off the Web, now I visit this site from time to time. Why? Because those Scandinavians are  odder and more interesting than you’d think.

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