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The Web’s Dirty Little Secret

Psst… want to hear the Web’s dirty little secret?

Here it is — most traffic to business & nonprofit websites happens between 9am and 5pm. Yep, right during prime working hours… when your employees are no doubt hard at it, other people’s staff are busy looking at homes for sale, a new couch they’d like to buy, donating to charity, finding an insurance agent they can work with, etc., etc.

True, for the Web as a whole (at least in the US) peak usage is at 11pm. But that’s primarily in three categories –

  1. Web video (on YouTube or Hula, etc.)
  2. gamers (World of Warcraft and the rest)
  3. adult entertainment

For most other categories, especially local businesses, the peak is during the day… just as you’d expect. It’s when we’re thinking about scheduling a haircut, or getting a new used car, or finding a phone number for that new Italian restaurant.

What’s that matter to you? Well… a good time to send out an enewsletter would be around 9am or 1pm, to get in front of potential customers as they’re opening the Web.

Or, put your specials on your site (or twitter or Facebook) around 10am… or, post that great insider’s tip from your business first thing in the morning, so all ¬†your customers (and potential customers) can see it and marvel at your wisdom!

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