Website Design in Quincy, Illinois

Prior Prep = Faster, Better, Cheaper Website

Want a great website that does what you what it to? And that’s up and running quickly? And don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it? Easy — prepare BEFORE you talk to a Web developer like me.

Below are several things to consider before you call me (or another developer)… see how they apply to your situation.

Your Budget

Until you know what you’re able to spend you’re just spinning your wheels. And unless I know what your budget is, I’ll either propose too ambitious a website for you, or too simple of one.

Your Goal

Know what you want your website to accomplish, what your goal for it is. Here are a few I’ve heard from customers recently:

  • Drive locals to my restaurant
  • Get phone calls from prospective buyers
  • Communicate with my organization’s members
  • Be seen as the area expert by potential new residents
  • Sell my products & services online, world-wide, 24 hours a day

Your Audience

When you know who you’re targeting, together we can craft a website that’ll reach them. If your audience are the folks who donate money to your nonprofit, your website will look and function differently than when your audience is busy consumers looking for a great price on a new widget.

Your Staff

Ask your staff what the website can do to make their jobs simpler or more efficient. It may be that one of your employees spends 20% of her day answering the same question about a form… put the question and answer (and the form, if you really want to speed things up) online and let her spend that fifth of her day warm calling customers.

Surf the Web

Take a quick spin around the Web and find sites that you like and ones you don’t. This is a simple way to let me know what you think will make your website stand out from your competition… and will speed up development time by eliminating time-consuming redesigns and functions you don’t need.

Updating the Website

Do you want to be able to update the content of your website yourself? Great, we’ll build a Content Management System (CMS) into your website that’ll let you (or one or more members of your staff) add, edit and delete text and images from your site. Would you rather we do that for you? No problem — we update websites quickly and correctly.

Work Your Website

Constantly add value to your website by adding fresh content (for instance — tips that’ll help your customers save money or make your product last longer), and by looking for ways to use it to reduce your costs: in customer acquisition, employee productivity and in sales.

Even an hour’s thought on these seven topics will make getting your website online and on budget that much easier.

Consider these things, then call or email me and we’ll put together a website that’ll work for you!

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