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Website Video at Little Cost

One of the great things about the Web these days is that the vast majority of us have access to a fast connection. The days of dial-up are over.

What’s that mean for small businesses? Simple — it’s time to get your product, service or brand into a video on your website. The costs to get started are low, the results can be tremendous.

All things being equal, you’re always better off having professionals write, shoot and produce video… all things aren’t equal, though. Marketing budgets have been slashed (understandable but wrong-headed). Websites are being left with stale content.

Enter the consumer digital video revolution and Use the DV cam or Flip you bought to record Junior’s sporting prowess to shoot thirty seconds of you speaking right to your customers.

Then add it to, grab the embed code and post it on your website (you can update your own site simply, can’t you? No? Call me.).

You can do this in less than an hour. Then, when that works and gets a few more customers to contact you, spend more time and a bit of money to move to the next stage. Watch, think, repeat.

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